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      Ball blast deruster
      Ball blast derusterHYT-CX type shot blasting machine is based on cylinder manufacturing factory, cylinder testing station, gas supply station need to manufacture and repair work, the standard cylinders meet the safety supervisi...
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      Leakage test machine
      Leakage test machineThe tester can also check 4 liquefied gas cylinder, the cylinder to cylinder basket inside the lifting and falling, convenient, rapid detection of the cylinder have no leakage, to ensure the accuracy of test ...
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      Useless cylinder flatting mill
      Useless cylinder flatting millThis machine is a thorough destruction of rejected cylinders, prevent convicted of waste cylinder into the market once again and the occurrence of safety accidents, the electric hydraulic system, the pressure...
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      Cylinder incinerator
      Cylinder incineratorBurn this equipment applies only to 10Kg, 15Kg two kinds of liquefied gas cylinders. Liquefied gas cylinder coating by incinerator for incineration, can make the cylinder outer anti-corrosion layer combustion...
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      Electrostatic painting Machine
      Electrostatic painting MachineThe mechanical affordable high work efficiency, scientific management, advanced technology, innovative high, over the past few years in the majority of customers support has made great development
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      Corner valve loading and unloading machine
      Corner valve loading and unloading machineThe device through the joint action of mechanical and electrical, can realize the function of automatic discharge valve and the valve, explosion-proof equipment.
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      Cylinder valve calibration stand
      Cylinder valve calibration standThe test bench can bottle valve and air tightness test, open test is accurate, reliable operation, good sealing property, is a kind of bottle valve tightness test equipment ideal.
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      Cylinder automatic coding machine
      Cylinder automatic coding machineThe machine applies to all kinds of metal workpiece press permanent marker symbols. The machine design is reasonable and compact structure, automatic jump code, writing clear, simple operation, low labor inte...
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      Cylinder printer
      Cylinder printerThe machine is based on cylinder manufacturing factory, printing cylinder test stations of the cylinder after painting the work requirements of design and manufacturing, with advanced technology, reasonable s...
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      Cylinder hydrostatic testing machine
      Cylinder hydrostatic testing machineThe cylinder limit and pressing, four station low pressure irrigation, high pressure water test, a complete. Pressure test pump electric contact pressure gauge, pressure automatic shutdown, the operation is c...
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