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      Cylinder incinerator

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      HYY-PS cylinder incinerator

      Burn this equipment applies only to 10Kg, 15Kg two kinds of liquefied gas cylinders. Liquefied gas cylinder coating by incinerator for incineration, can make the cylinder outer anti-corrosion layer combustion, to facilitate the next step blasting processing to clean up and re paint to create good conditions for cylinders.

      The equipment of furnace in the working temperature is 550-620 ¡æ, the temperature sensor with a plurality of control, gas nozzle, chain conveyor speed through the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor control, dust removal device is arranged on the exhaust pipe, in order to meet the environmental protection dust removing effect.

      The main parameters: the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor power: 1.1KW

      Speed: 1230-1250rpm

      Centrifugal fan power: 2.2KW

      Speed down ratio: 187:1

      Liquefied gas burning: 15m3

      Consumption: 2 30kg/h

      Efficiency: 60-70 /h

      Dimensions: 11.6 x 1.9 x 3.5 (m) (length * width * height)


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