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      DM350 Rubber tube cutter
      DM350 Rubber Tubing Cutter is a new product designed and developed, combined practical cutting feature, according to the advanced dividing techniques of the foreign countries. The core slice of this product applies imported dedicated slice. When it cuts the tube, it has the features of rigid metal, small heat distortion, quick cutting, low wear, no crumb during cutting. It applies balanced feed system, which makes the stress more even during the cutting. The unique buffer gear makes the cutting more stable and safer. This product is suitable for cutting various wire-netted colloidal pipes, steel wire armoured rubber hoses, lined pipe, and cotton thread pipes whose diameters are less than 55mm. It is ideal corollary equipment for hose repairing and manufacturing factory. 
      II. Main Technical Parameter
      Outside measurement: 650¡Á410¡Á450mm
      Voltage: 380V/220V    50Hz
      Power: 3Kw
      Maximum diameter of cutting hose: ¦µ51 mm
      Slice: ¦µ350¡Á3¡Á¦µ32 mm
      Weight: 70Kg
      III. Operation instruction
      (1) Plug in. Check whether the direction of rotation of the cutting blades is consistent with the direction of arrow. (Reversing prohibited)
        (2) Adjust the positioning cock according to the diameter of the cut pipe in case there would be slant and slice problems.
       (3) Put the cut pipe in place. Push the feed lever. Fulfill the cutting process.
      The machine has a half-a-year guarantee starting from the date of buying it. All the fittings can be fixed free of charge in case of plague (can be replaced when necessary). The manufacturer disclaims all responsibility of repairing free for damage cause by misuse or accident.

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