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      hose skiving machine

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      HYBJ Hose skiving machine

      1. Use
      This type machine is a new hose skiving machine. Its main applying object is the hose containing steel wire. Its main function is to get rid of the rubber outside the steel wire layer in order to be convenient for installing hoop iron. The usage of this machine is easy and the working efficiency is high. Especially for the hose with winding steel wire, we can undertake forward direction peeling or reverse peeling according to the direction of winding layer steel wire.  

      2. Main technical character
      1. The inner diameter of the peeled hose: ¦Õ6¡«¦Õ51mm
      2. Power: 1.1KW
      3. Overall dimension: 710¡Á480¡Á1010£¨mm£©
      4. Weight: 80Kg  
      2. Working principle and working process
      Starting with the hose being inserted onto the mandrel, we push forward the hose gradually. But the mandrel doesn¡¯t rotate. At the same time the cutter bar rotates driven by the electric motor. And that the lathe tool is installed firmly onto the cutter bar. In this way the hose is just put forward and it is turned down the outer layer rubber by the lathe tool. After finishing turning, pull out the hose. 
      3. Operation instructions
      Before switching on the machine, firstly install the corresponding peeling mandrel into the axle sleeve. And screw up the screw. Then install the lathe tool onto the peeling cutter bar. Adjust the length of lathe tool handle until being capable of finishing peeling the rubber. Then screw up the screw for fixing the cutter bar. And check once again whether all the fasteners are fastened well. After confirmation we can switch on the machine. Then we can undertake a test peeling. If the peeling is not complete, we can continue to adjust the handle of the lathe tool to the center in order to turn more deeply. For the hose of winding steel wire, we should open the switch according to the winding direction. The rotating direction of the lathe tool is decided by reversing switch.  
         Since the purchase day, within half a year, we guarantee to repair the malfunction of the machine. During the guarantee period, we will repair (replace if necessary) all the parts malfunctions free of charge. For the damage caused by improper use or accident, it doesn¡¯t belong to the free repair range. 

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