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      DSG-250A&B rubber hose crimping machine

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      DSG-250250A&B  rubber hose crimping machine

      ¢ñ. Brief introduction
      Model DSG-250 Hose Crimping Machine innovated by our engineers of R&D DEPT. is widely used for the locking processing of high-pressure plastic pipe, fiber pipe and rubber pipe. This machine owns many advantages, such as small dimension, light weight, multifunctional design, fast die-opening, easy to operate and repair.

      ¢ò.Main technical parameters
      1. Crimping Range ID: §æ6mm to 51mm
      2. Crimping precision: 0.02mm
      3. Crimping Force: 640T
      4. Rated Pressure: 31.5mpa
      5. Power: 4Kw (oil pump motor)
      6. Speed: 1420r/min
      7. Rated Flow: 10ml/r
      8. Voltage: 220V or 380V
      9. Dimensions: 800*565*1160mm
      10. Weight: 280Kg
      11. Dies: 10 sets

      ¢ó.Working principle
      As the motor starts working, the oil motor transfers hydraulic oil out to push piston then the locking oil cylinder starts to move forward and then two inner cones of piston and front cylinder cover force the die of symmetrical cone to shrink locking the pipe. When the machine reached the settled data, the locking process stop automatically and direction of electromagnetic veer valve would be changed. The hydraulic oil flow into two die-opening cylinders to push the locking piston to move along in the reverse direction and the die return under the force of spring.

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