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      DSG102/S high pressure hydraulic hose crimping machine

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      DSG102/S high pressure hydraulic hose crimping machine
      I. Brief Introduction
      DSG-102/S Model hose crimping machine produced by our factory is applicable to the crimping processing for the burst resisting hose, fiber tube and plastic pipe assembly used in the industry and agriculture and hydraulic transmission of engineering machinery. This machine has the following characteristics: small volume, light weight, having multifunction, rapid opening of die, being easy in operation, and convenient in maintenance.
      II. Main Technical Characteristics
      1. Inside Diameter of Crimped Rubber Hose:  ¦Õ6 - 102 mm
      2. Precision of Staff Gauge:         0.02 mm
      3. Power of Electric Motor:  5.5 KW
      4. Maximum Crimping Force:          1070 T  
      5. Rotating Speed:            1440 r/min
      6. Output Volume of Oil Pump:          36 L/min
      7. Capacity Oil Tank:                  200 L
      8. Overall Dimension:            1050¡Á700¡Á1550 (mm)
      9. Weight:                           1500 Kg
      III. Operating Principle
      Driven by the electric motor, the oil pump sends out the hydraulic oil to push the piston in the crimping oil cylinder to move forward, making the piston and two internal taper sleeves on the front cover push the die holder with symmetrical conical surface to retract radially to realize the crimping of die to the rubber hose assembly.
      When the amount of retraction reaches the setting value of staff gauge, the crimping stops automatically; after the solenoid operated directional valve changes direction, the hydraulic oil enters into four die-opening oil cylinders to push the crimping piston to move in an opposite direction; under the acting force of spring, the die holder drives the die comes back, in order to be easy to take out the crimped rubber hose assembly.

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