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      SK100 hose swager machine

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      SK100 Hose swager machine

      I. Brief introduction
      The SK-100 type tube locking machine developed by our factory is suitable for hooping processing of the assembly of high pressure rubber tube, fibre pipe and plastic pipe used in industry, agriculture and fluid drive of engineering machinery. It has the advantages of wide hooping range, high precision (adopt PLC control), high degree automation, easy operation and maintenance, etc.        
      II. Main technical character
      1. Hooping steel wire rubber tube inner diameter: ¦Õ4¡«¦Õ51IVmm
      Industry tube inner diameter: 89mm at the most
      2. Scale precision: 0.01mm
      3. Power: 4KW
      4. Voltage: 380V
      5. The maximum hooping force: 252 tons 
      6. Rotated speed: 1440r/min
      7. Oil pump displacement: 10ml/rad
      8. Dimension: 858¡Á910¡Á1550£¨mm£©
      9. Weight: 800Kg
      10. The maximum opening diameter: +68mm
      III. Working principle
      The oil pump driven by the electric motor outputs the hydraulic oil and push the piston in the hydraulic cylinder to make up and down reciprocating movement. Thus makes the two columns connecting with the piston drive the above board realizing up and down reciprocating movement, making the pressing block in the recess of the two up and down large square board push the die holder, and making the die holder to give rise to radial shrinkage. And in the end realize the hooping of the rubber tube by module. When the shrinkage reaches the set value on the control panel, the hooping will stop automatically. The change valve reverses automatically. The hydraulic oil enters into lower chamber of the hydraulic cylinder and drives the above board to move upward making the mould hole to enlarge. Then we can take down the hooped rubber tube assembly.      

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