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      JK400 hose crimping machine( 6mm--64mm)

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      JK 400 Hose crimping machine

      ¢ñ. Introduction
      JK400 type of locking pipe machine is mainly used for locking & press process of a high pressure hose assembly in mechanical engineering and also can lock and press two-way elbow, a large elbow and special shape head.
      The machine size is small and compact, the weight is light, the power is great, the noise is low, the operation is easy.  The locking & press amount is adjusted by a scale precisely. A complex double bevel eight section mold base equipped with high precision guiding device makes the divided pipe hoop be more uniform appearance after lock and press.
      ¢ò. Main technical characteristics
      1. Locking & press scope£º¦µ6¡ª¦µ64mm
      2. Maximum locking & press strength£º520 tons
      3. Scale accuracy£º 0.02mm
      4. The amount of contraction and expansion£º40mm
      5. Rated pressure£º 25 MPa
      6. Motor power£º 5.5 KW
      7. Pump displacement£º14.5L/min (380V)   
      8. Outer size£º710 (L)¡Á500 (W)¡Á810 (H)mm
      ¢ô. Installation and use
      1. Fill anti-wear hydraulic oil # 46 in trademark of Great Wall about 50 liters.  If room temperature is lower than 10 ¡æ, 10% transformer oil should be added.
      According to the machine requirement, connect electric power and the motor rotation direction should be same as the mark on the motor and do grounding protection.
      2. Adjust scale
            The scale is used for adjusting the locking & press amount. When it is adjusted in clockwise direction, the locking & press amount is reduced; When it is adjusted in counterclockwise direction, the locking & press amount is increased.  The scale is connected to cylinder cover by means of three hexagon screws on the seat and three springs. When use hand to pull the scale (the direction perpendicular to the cylinder cover), it should be able to depart the cylinder cover flexibly; after the hand is loose, it will be restored by means of spring. Before start the machine, check if the scale¡¯ expansion is flexible carefully and if the wire connection is reliable.
      3. Move the main ruler of the scale to within 0 line of the assistant ruler of the scale. Start machine to do test running and observe if every action is correct.
      4. Pressure adjustment 
      Lock pressure and open mold pressure are adjusted by two hexagon screws after integration block. When it is adjusted in clockwise direction, the adjustment pressure is increased; When it is adjusted in counterclockwise direction, the adjustment pressure is reduced.£¨When the machine leaves the factory. The pressure has been adjusted well, the user should not do any adjustment£©. 
      5. Operation  
      According to the specification of locked & press hose, refer locking tube technical parameter table to select suitable mold to install on the mold base and adjust the scale well by data in the table, you can carry out locking tube. After lock tube, use a caliper to measure if the outer diameter of tube cover is compliance with data in parameter reference table after lock and press, if it is not compliance, adjust the scale precisely until meet the requirement. Because the manufacturers are different, detail size, materials, hardness of the tube cover will be different and these factors will affect the lock tube result in different degree, so the data in the table is only for reference and the detail data should be based on pressure test.
      ¢õ. Note
      1. When lock and press, it is to put the joint on the mold center as possible and do not press it on the hexagonal nut. 
      2. Prevent tools and other foreign matter into the lock.
      3. After work finished, it must make eight section mold seat open in largest degree as possible, which may make spring in an open state, otherwise it will damage spring.
      4. When work, do not put hand into the lock. 
      5. When maintenance, it must turn off electricity. 
      ¢ö. Maintenance
      The hydraulic oil in the tank should always be checked. If oil is found to be lack, it should add oil on time. After oil is contamination, it should be filtered or replaced.
      The lock should be kept inner clean to avoid foreign material enter into the lock cylinder to affect the normal use during process. Clean and remove foreign material in the mold, which is carried in when lock and press the joint and put suitable amount of grease in the mold often for lubrication.
      ¢÷. Promise 
      The machine failures are warranted to repair in six months from the purchased date . all the accessories failures will be repaired (if necessary, replace) free charge during the warranty. In case of damage from improper use or accident damage, the repairs are not free.

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