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      GFM8-2 automatic dry powder filling machine

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      GFM8-2 automatic dry powder filling machine is invented for fire extinguisher factory. It is mainly consisted of vacuum suction pump, motor, filter, electronic weighing scale and filled powder weight display. In addition, we can provide a powder tank of 10kg to 200kg. Powder tank is good to the environment and production. More important, you can fill dry powder continuously by using this machine. It means that you do not need to stop machine after one fire extinguisher is finished.

      Advance features:
      1) Filling Continuously and automatically.
      2) Good to environment by using powder tank.
      3) High accuracy filling by using electronic weighing scale
      4) Long using period by adopting filters.

      Technical parameters:
      Power: 0.55KW/1.5KW
      Voltage: 380V/220V
      Filling precision:1Kg��0.02
      Filling Speed:6��12kg/min
      Overall size:1130X520X1350mm

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